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We get asked on a daily basis “What are the best items to list on eBay”.  So that’s exactly what we have done. We recommend when selling on eBay that you spend a minimum of £150 on a small selection of products to list, and go for the cheaper of items so you can start listing at reasonable prices, reason for this is the eBay listing fees.
With listing on eBay you have to understand the common rule. The more you list the more you sell. If you are looking at dabbling into eBay then this is your best option.

If you would like to start off with less work and more repeat sales, then go for the £500 Pack. This will include a reasonable amount of lines with more quantities, so you can create the listing for a product and repeat the listings frequently. 

For the £1000 this will bring in a guaranteed income. We will provide you with a very good selection, and sufficient quantities to repeat the listing.

We also offer the ‘work from home’ solution. This is for a total of £5000. Included is £4000 of trade priced items. High resolution images on Disc. 1000 flyers, and 1000 business cards Fully designed to your companies profile. Also we include your very own GOLD Fully loaded website. Custom designed for you, and, it doesn’t stop there, we will SEO your website on Google all included.

Start making money with our eBay packs now!

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